Monday, March 18, 2013


Just days after NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg's ban on large sugary drinks was struck down by a judge, the feisty Mayor is at it again. Holding a press conference in a back office of J&R Music World, Bloomberg is now trying to pass a law banning all boxed sets containing more than 4 CDs. "This is just one more example of things going too far." Bloomberg was armed and ready, citing both the Complete Blue Oyster Cult collection and the Beatles remasters, as "prime examples of excess."

The NYC Mayor was determined. He went on to explain. "The public is spending too much time with one band. This can't be a good thing. Why not 16 different CDs of different artists? They should really expand their musical experiences. Look, I don't have to tell you anything about my musical taste, but just to get you off my back, I love "The Flame" as much as the next guy," he stated while holding the chunky 14 CD Cheap Trick collection. "But staying at home and listening to 4 different versions of 'The Dreaming Police' is just not healthy. Go outside."

Vice President of the United Parcel Service Joe Gribbs, as well as Head Of Operations for Federal Express Con Czrzezwicz, flanked the NYC Mayor, supporting his ban 100%, claiming the weight of the packages, especially "those damn Bear Family boxes from Germany" are too much to handle for some of the older carriers. Gribbs was angry. "Our drivers have to break their backs because some selfish music lover needs to hear Agents Of Fortune demos? Not gonna happen, my friend."

Double CDs will still be allowed, but only if accompanying booklet is 8 pages or less.