Thursday, March 21, 2013

Florida Man Finds Image Of Dave Grohl In Toast

46 year old Efrem Tondo of Gainesville, Florida has been ordering the #3 at Mackie's Diner every morning for the last 9 years. But yesterday, he got more than just extra bacon. The image of Nirvana drummer and Foo Fighters leader Dave Grohl was as clear as the butter that had been covering his toast since he was a child.

"I couldn't believe my eyes," Tondo cried. "I thought it was the Lord Savior himself, until it dawned on me that I saw the very same face on the Dave Letterman show."

Local KEPX news set up cameras at Mackie's, expecting a long line of astonished visitors and tourists, but after 4 hours, no one showed up, and Tondo slapped a piece of ham on it and finally went to work.

Cobain's widow Courtney Love was enraged by the entire debacle, and is now suing Grohl, claiming her husband the late grunge legend and Grohl's former band member Kurt Cobain had his face appear over an entire loaf of Schwebel's Rye 19 years earlier.